Editing Services

Copyediting and Line Editing

I focus on checking and improving your text at the sentence and paragraph level. My goal is to make your text clear to the reader, concise, and consistent, while getting the mechanics — grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation — correct.

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Developmental Editing

In this service, I analyze your manuscript’s structure and arguments, both overall and at a chapter and section level. My goal is to help you focus your manuscript on your key points and ensure your arguments are clear and well-supported.

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Citations and References

I offer a thorough review of your citations and references either as a standalone service if that’s all you need or, more commonly, as an add-on service to copyediting.

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English Language Editing

I often work with authors whose first language is not English. Language differences can cause issues with grammar, word choice, and idiom use. As part of copyediting, I will ensure that your writing is free from these types of issues and conveys your argument to the reader.

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As a final check before a document is distributed, I offer proofreading. This service focuses on typos, critical grammar issues, punctuation, and misspelling, along with display concerns such as alignment, visual clarity, and numbering.

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LaTeX Editing

Much of my editing work is in LaTeX. I work in Overleaf and apply tracked changes and comments as needed. I can also care for your bibliography whether it’s in BibTeX, BibLaTeX, or in-line bibitems.

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I offer formatting for Microsoft Word and LaTeX (using Overleaf), usually as an add-on to copyediting the document. I can format your document to match dissertation requirements, journal or conference specifications, style manual recommendations, etc.

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