Developmental Editing

I offer developmental editing to help you improve your manuscript before it gets to the copyediting stage. In this service, I analyze your manuscript’s structure and arguments, both overall and at a chapter and section level. My goal is to help you focus your manuscript on your key points and ensure your arguments are clear and well supported.

You will receive a detailed report of suggested changes including items such as

  • Potential reordering, splitting, or merging of paragraphs, sections, and chapters
  • Arguments that may need more support, clarification, examples, graphics, tables, etc.
  • Arguments that may benefit from being moved to a separate manuscript
  • Potential areas to trim or expand on, taking into account any length limits your target publication venue may have

During developmental editing, I don’t address the more detailed issues such as grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation. This is because you may have significant changes to make to your manuscript based on my suggestions, including revising portions of it or adding new content.


The rates for developmental editing depend on where you are in the writing process. Please contact me to discuss your manuscript and your needs.

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